Sunday, April 22, 2012

Keep 'em Busy: Mad Scientist

This idea has been going around Pinterest for quite a while, but I can remember watching the magic of baking soda & vinegar reactions even when I was a little kid.  My three-year-old was entertained for a good half-hour not including set-up and clean-up.  He could have kept going, I think, but I ran out of vinegar!

All you need is a tray full of baking soda and several small container full of white vinegar that have been colored with food coloring.  Take a medicine dropper and squirt the vinegar onto the soda and watch the colorful little chemical reactions.  I played along too for a while, showing off my 'mad skills' of being able to put my thumb over the end of the straw to 'magically' move liquid from the container to the tray.  I would also suggest covering your surface with wax paper or newsprint to keep any drips from staining your countertops.  


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