Friday, May 25, 2012

VRooom! It's race weekend, baby!

Ladies and Gentlemen, START. YOUR. ENGINES!  If you live in the Indianapolis area, you know that the world stops on Memorial Day weekend for the biggest race of the year, the Indianapolis 500.  Adults turn into children again and even people who don't normally follow auto racing turn their radios on to listen to the blacked-out race.  Robbie is nuts about cars, so I made this cute little "sub sandwich car" and have the DVR set to record the race!

To make the car, I took a sub sandwich and carved out a little seat with a bread knife for my driver.  I took some grapes, mini baby carrots, and some toothpick pieces and constructed a little body.  I took my new Wilton's food safe markers and drew on a little face.  Next, I took a Clif Z-bar and cut out a few wheels and a steering wheel and skewered those on too.  I added some candy eyes and drew on a smile to complete my happy little car. Little man was THRILLED.  

Now, I think you have to know your kiddo here when you are using things like toothpicks to decorate your food.  Before I let little man eat the sandwich, I pointed out where all the toothpicks were and reminded them he needed to pull them out while he ate.  Then I sat down and ate lunch with him, keeping an eye out that he didn't forget.  He is three and he did just fine.

 If you are interested in making cute food, I suggest you buy some candy eyes and food writers.  They are a really easy way to make a big impact on what you are making.  Adding eyes and a smile to any food is enough to bring a big grin to my son's face... and that is what this is really about.


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