Sunday, April 15, 2012

Holy Ham Sandwich, Batman!

 I saw a neat idea for making character sandwiches on the Hawaii Bento Box Cookbook blog and decided to give it a try.  Little man got a sneak peak as I was packing his lunch and is very excited for tomorrow.

As you know we are a little "superhero" crazy in this house.  If you read my family blog, you know that we redid little man's bedroom in a superhero theme for his 3rd birthday.  Although the Boy Wonder is his favorite character, I decided to give Batman a try:

To Make "Holy Ham Sandwich, Batman!":
Start by printing out a coloring book page or image from a Google search.
I took two pieces of white bread and cut off the crusts.  I sliced off the bottom right corner for Batman's jawline.  Next, I took the heel of the loaf of bread and used a rolling pin to flatten it down.  I trimmed the "cowl" off of the Batman page with a pair of scissors and placed my pattern over the flattened heel.  With a sharp kitchen knife, I trimmed around the pattern.

Next I made the ham and cheese sandwich and "pasted" on the cowl with a little bit of mayo.  As I was putting it in the lunch container, I decided to secure the cowl with a little toothpick and wrote a little note to the daycare folks that that needed to be pulled out before biting into Batman.  A couple of miniature chocolate chips for eyes and a little bit of fruit roll-up for a mouth and we have a caped crusader sandwich any tiny superhero would be thrilled to have for lunch.

"do nothing that a man of unlimited funds, superb physical endurance, and maximum scientific knowledge could not do. —Batman."

--Mandy --

(c) copyright text and pictures by Amanda Leahy, 2012

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