Wednesday, June 27, 2012

DenTek Floss Pics - Influenster Review

Ladies and Gentlemen, line up your pearly whites and let's talk flossers.  You may recall from my previous post that I recently received a box of items for free from influenster to test and review.  The products were complimentary, but the opinions are my own.

I received two sample packs of DenTek brand flossers.  One for adults, the Comfort Clean Floss Picks, and one for kiddos, the DenTek Fun Flossers.  You can read all about DenTek's flossing products here if you wish.

I have never purchased kid's flossers, but we buy this type of product frequently.  My husband and I keep floss picks in our vehicles because you just never know when you are going to need to battle something stuck in your teeth at the red light.  We are not very brand loyal and usually pick up whatever is cheapest.  Here is a picture of the DenTek flosser on the left and the store brand flosser (from the package in my glove box).

My husband was a willing volunteer.  He flossed one side of his mouth with DenTek and one side with the store brand.  One major difference in the product was that the store brand only lasted for three teeth beofre the floss broke.  He was able to use the Dentek flosser for all of his remaining teeth and the floss was still tight on the plastic.  As far as flavor, both are "mint" but my husband preferred the store brand taste over the DenTek, but that the DenTek "wasn't bad."  Finally, the pointy pick part at the end of the DenTek brand is a thinner plastic than the store brand.  My husband said that he thought the DenTek was more effective as a toothpick.

The DenTek flosser is high quality for its purpose and I would definitely buy them for my family to use.

Influenster also send a sample of the kid's Fun Flossers.  What struck me a fabulous about this product as soon as I took it out of the package was that there was no pointy toothpick end.
No Pointy End! Brilliant!
If you have a little boy, you know good and well that anything with a sharp point immediately becomes a science experiment or a sword. (Where can I stick this? Who can I poke with this?)  I gave these to little man to use at bedtime and I can say it was a success.  If the point of a "Fun Flosser" is to make it fun for kids to floss, then this is a win for sure.  And with that, I leave you with some pictures...

Happy Flossing!

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