Monday, June 11, 2012

Cars! It's a Tow-Mater Sandwich.

Little man has been on a "Cars" kick for a week or so now.  We've watched both movies several times while playing racing and spies with every "Cars" and "Hot Wheels" car we own.  So when he specifically requested, "A Peanut Butter and Jelly Mater," I went on a little web search for ideas.

If you Google:  "mater sandwich" you actually get several hits.  This is not an original idea by any means.  Several are very professionally and artistically done.  Several are not.  Next I searched for a picture of Mater to keep beside me as I constructed the sandwich.  

OK:  So to make a "Mater Sandwich", start by making your actual sandwich and setting aside.  Next, take the heel of the loaf of bread.  Roll it as flat as you can with your rolling pin.  Trim "design contrast" pieces and paste on with peanut butter.  I used a piece at the top, two small on the sides, a piece across the middle, and a piece along the "bumper." Next trim a piece for his "nose" and his mirrors.  I took two toothpicks, broke them in half, and pushed them through the mirror pieces.  Then I stuck the ends into the sandwich crust to make them stick out.

Next, I added Wilton's candy eyes and two chocolate teddy grahams turned upside down for wheels.  The headlights I'm particularly proud of (although no one seemed to notice but me) that one is a yellow fruit loop and one is a cheerio.  The cheerio is his missing headlight!  The teeth were the most challenging thing to figure out.  I was out of white cheese and couldn't think of anything else that would work.  Finally, I happened upon some white chocolate candy melts in the cabinet.  A little trimming with a sharp knife and we have buck-teeth, people!  A few lines drawn on with an edible food marker finished him off.  

Little man was super excited and demanded I take a picture of him with the sandwich.

First he gave me this weird little smile.  Then I told him to act natural and he gave me the second photo... which is actually pretty accurate for "natural." 

I really think I could do better a second time, but my first attempt at Mater turned out pretty good, I think!

Happy lunching!

--- Mandy ---


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