Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Trio of PBJ Sandwiches

Here are three little peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches I made for my son in the past few weeks.  

First we have a slightly crazy looking bunny rabbit.  I used a cookie cutter from Easter to make the bunny shape.  My bread wasn't quite big enough, so I took my rolling pin to flatten it just enough for the cutter to fit.  You can still see a little bit of the crust on his chin.  The crazy look comes from two Wilton's candy eyes that didn't quite match.  A heart sprinkle for a nose and a few teeth carved from a few white chocolate candy melts complete the face.  I drew a mouth on using an edible food marker.

Next we blast off with a rocket ship. I made the sandwich and just started cutting away pieces with a knife to get the body of the ship.  I used left over sandwich pieces to lengthen the "fins" and add "wings" (I guess) to the sides.  It looked a little messy, but my son still loved it.  I used cheese and my tiny star cutter to set the scene and added some "cheese fire" to make the rocket blast off.  I added some candy coated sunflower seeds for decoration.
 Finally, a little Toy Story Alien.  Ever since we returned from Walt Disney World, little man has been almost constantly playing with his Bucket O' Aliens and Bucket O' Army men.  I decided to surprise him with a little alien lunch tomorrow.  The head, mouth, and ears were cut using some strategic slicing with an oval cutter.  The antenna is a piece of bread just sorta twisted up on the end.  An Alien needed (of course) three eyes and a light dusting of green sugar sprinkles.  Healthy? Well... no... not really.... so I'll make sure he gets some carrots and celery in his lunch as well.

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